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San Juan River Fishing Guides & other local waters near Durango, CO

Heads Up FlyFishing offers guided flyfishing adventures on the San Juan River below Navajo Dam in New Mexico, the Animas River, as well as other rivers/streams/lakes that surround Durango, Colorado.

Our professional, hard working guides ensure a memorable experience in some of the most breathtaking landscapes the southwest has to offer.

Whether you’re a seasoned angler, or a first timer, Heads Up FlyFishing has the right guide to fit your specific needs. We look forward to hosting you on our legendary waters.

san juan river fishing san juan river fishing guide

Join us on the San Juan River that fishes an unbelievable 365 days a year.

  • Just spent the day with Rob on the river. I brought my 17 year old son and my brother in law from Hawaii to do some San Juan fishing. My son is a first timer and I was amazed that he out fished me. Our guide Rob was awesome!

  • had a fantastic time . Ryan show us vets with NM Healing Waters a great time. He has a vast knowledge of the river to put us on fish. He made it fun and we learned a lot. A sincere thanks from the heart from this old vet. Highly recommend

  • Rob kept us in fish and flies for two days and we caught a lot but missed more in spite of his coaching. Several Brownies were the highlights of the trip.

  • This last weekend I had my first opportunity to float the San Juan. I couldn't have asked for a better experience. Jeremy Nolan knows his stuff, and he's a great teacher. Not only did he put me in the right places all day, but he taught me how to fish the Juan. What a great fishery and what a great day. Thanks, Jeremy!!!

San Juan Corporate Fishing Trips

Our location is ideal for Four Corners fly fishing adventures.

Less than 60 miles away from our front door are hundreds of miles of fly fishing dreams. From the San Juan River in New Mexico and its 7,000 trout per mile to the Animas River or Pine River in Colorado, Heads Up FlyFishing can put you in front of hungry trout every day of the year.

With our conference room facilities and various lodging options, we can accommodate any size group.

We fish during all four seasons, so there is no excuse to miss out on fishing these fabled waters!

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Stream Flows

(cfs): 397
45.14 F°
(cfs): 124
(cfs): 63.7

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