Corporate Fishing Trips

Corporate Fishing Trips

An Unforgettable Corporate Getaway!

If you want to set your organization apart, choose HeadsUpFlyFishing for your next corporate fishing event.

Whether it’s an off-site meeting, a team-building venture, customer reward program, employee incentive, or a way to strengthen distributor or dealer relationships, nature provides the perfect backdrop for combining business and pleasure.

Relaxing in a boat, people move past the formalities that are often apparent in the office. When relieved of titles and the stresses of everyday life, team members are able to step back, unwind and get to know one another in a manner that simply cannot be accomplished in the confines of a boardroom, hotel meeting room or conference center. Only a wilderness corporate adventure can do that.

Team work is a natural by-product of the outdoor experience. And good team work is good business.


  • Lodging and Meal Packages
  • Limo / Transportation Services
  • Half Day and Full Day Trips Available
    • Half Day Wade – $190 per person (can add lunch + $20/person)
    • Full Day Wade – $215 per person (includes gourmet streamside lunch)
    • Half Day Float – $385 Per Boat – max 2 per boat (can add lunch + $20/person)
    • Full Day Float – $425 Per Boat – max 2 per boat (includes gourmet streamside lunch)
  • Outdoor Catering / Premier Lunch Upgrade
  • Conference Room and Game Room
  • Private Waters Trips
  • Evening Trips
  • Other Area Attractions


  • Half Days are 4 hours of fishing, Full Days are 8 hours.
  • Group rates require booking at least 8 people.
  • Deposit is non refundable due to cancellation 45 days prior to reservation date
  • We fish in all weather conditions, rain or shine.

Packages are fully customizable to accommodate the needs of any group.

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